wood floor identical, paving method are

corrosion resistance and easy cleaning. Multi-layer solid wood flooring for plate type structure, its surface with rare wood veneer spin into refining, the substrate surface is below the common wood planing cut into thin slices, the multi-layer, and then arranged in a crisscross pattern, environmental protection and waterproof adhesive multilayer film with high temperature and high pressure compounded, the wood fiber reticular laminated arrangement, each other the

number of holding structure is very close, the performance is stable, completely overcomes the disadvantage of easy deformation of natural materials. Many layers of solid wood flooring are coated with paint to make the paint penetrate into the voids of the wood tissue, and infrared radiation, electron rays and heat radiation are used to form a whole in the wood tissue, so that the wood is hardened. Therefore, the multilayer solid wood floor is not easy to be

polluted, and is not easy to scratch, and has strong abrasion resistance, and can maintain the beauty of the new wood and the texture of the solid wood for a long time. The multilayer solid wood floor has good waterproof performance, and can be applied to damp floors and areas. Multilayer solid wood floors are treated with pest control, plus the use of environmentally friendly glue, which can effectively prevent insect pests, and non-toxic to the human

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