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shape, material support. Keel is the skeleton of the family decoration and substrate, the use of very common. The most common is the ceiling keel and wood floor keel. Floor keel is common material is drying larch. 2, keel keel to the main purposes of use: the general construction of the house or other times the floor of the grassroots, do some support on the ground. These support materials are generally

wood, is commonly known as the keel. General purpose is to do warm, floor, platform indispensable building materials.     second, why hit 1, the keel keel? How to do? In particular wood, steel and other materials, a fixed grid bracket, arranged in a crisscross pattern equal spacing using a nail or PEG, top floor, gypsum board, wood board and board, as well as easy and smooth, but also save

materials, the operation is called a keel. 2, what are the benefits of playing keel? Leveling the ground: the most critical is to keel the ground floor, because the ground is not very smooth cement, if there is no leveling, then there is a difference of 4,5 cm. Moisture: in order to moistureproof, can extend the service life of the floor. Easy to install: because it is now used to nail the floor, the floor nailed to the keel

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