material has been from production

layer of solid wood flooring. First, Dekor Dekor believe that many people are not familiar with the company since 1995 inception, has been "high quality" as the company's good faith, the raw material has been from production to sales, including customer service service are strictly carried out, consumers across the countries of India, the United States, China, good reputation, because so, the floor has China

largest wood floor enterprise title. Three layer solid wood flooring articles in quality, is obvious to people, such as this, the surface process is used in drawing / dyeing, a mention, is made of Oak Park, suitable for bedroom, living room. Of course, the price is more expensive, the price of 200, to 1500, as above, this basically in 410 yuan. Two, the nature of the nature of the floor of the reputation is quite

large, is China's well-known brands, Asia's top 500 most valuable brands. Many people will choose nature, of course, to the quality and reputation of the. Nature of the three layer of solid wood flooring, with good wear resistance, flexibility. Good quality more good visual effects, looks noble, and the use of time is also long. The nature of the price is more expensive, of course, this depends on the various

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