order to increase indoor air humidity

attention to house decoration network.Solid wood flooring for long life, usually should be careful maintenance and maintenance. Three layers of solid wood flooring is a kind of solid wood flooring, today Xiaobian to share the three layers of wood composite floor maintenance Raiders, to help you do a good job in the maintenance of the three layers of wood flooring. 1, room humidity is too large to keep the

floor dry, clean, daily use of clean dry cotton mop wipe can; in case of stubborn stains, cotton mop should use neutral cleaning solvent and then wipe dry wipe, do not use acid and alkaline solvent or organic solvent such as gasoline scrub. 2, daily use should pay attention to avoid the heavy metal, glass tiles, sharp spikes and hard objects scratch the floor; do not make contact with the fire floor or placed directly

on the floor of large power heater; the prohibition of placing strong acid and alkaline substances on the floor; the absolute prohibition of long time flooding. 3, in order to keep the three parquet and extended Qimian life, the proposed annual wax maintenance two. Before the first floor waxing wipe clean, and then in the surface layer of floor wax evenly, slightly dry with a soft cloth to wipe, until smooth and shiny.

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