decorative effect and durable

smooth or rugged texture, but can be used in surface decoration, but also for the decoration of wall. Material: three with marble and granite for ground decoration materials in natural stone natural stone, decorative effect and durable, elegant atmosphere, but because the cost is relatively high, for relatively high grade decoration engineering. Material four: Carpet do not want to spend time and effort on the

ground decoration, then directly on a carpet on the matter. The carpet with wool, cotton, hemp, plant fiber, chemical fiber fabric, barefoot walk on it are not cold, but the biggest drawback is not easy to clean, easy to dust and hidden bugs, often need to take care of. Edit comment: the weather is getting hot, many people will think to Tanliang on the ground, no matter what kind of decoration materials on the

ground should be cleaned regularly, keep clean, can prolong the service life. Various types of ground decoration materials, Xiao Bian on the introduction here, Xiao Bian recommended that you choose the ground decoration materials or according to personal preferences and family needs to set. If you want to know more knowledge of the decoration, please continue to pay attention to house decoration

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